GC Rieber was founded by Gottlieb Christian Rieber in Bergen, Norway in 1879. Originally a leather-trading company, the business rapidly expanded into other areas such as omega3s.

In 1920 GC Rieber moved into fish oil production with the purchase of the Knarrevik fish oil factory and in 1950 the company expanded further with the purchase of a cod liver plant in Tromsø.

Alnes Marine Oils was founded in Kristiansund. Making and trading in cod liver oil, amongst others with GC Rieber.

GC Rieber AS became the majority stakeholder in Alnes Marine Oils in 1993 and the company name changed to GC Rieber Oils. The company was now a large manufacturer of refined fish oils, cod liver oils and some speciality oils and exported to all corners of the world.

Development of the enzymatic technology in our pilot plant. This was the start of the omega-3 concentrate production we successfully have today.

GC Rieber Oils completed the construction of a high concentrate production facility and branded the products VivoMega. We fully focused on the production of high- and ultra-grade omega-3 concentrates.

The demand for high concentrates was booming and factory was expanded twice.

The demand is still large and the factory is expanded again and we bought additional tanks and implemented new technologies to make even higher omega3 concentrates.

GC Rieber Distribution is created as a joint venture with Hayduk to secure crude oil.

To separate from the oil- and gas industry, we changed our name to GC Rieber VivoMega.

Kirk Kapital A/S become a new shareholder.

Fifth expansion of the concentrate factory.